Our Story

Our Story

Dawson Russell, our Founder and CEO, started working with his father’s financial advisory firm in 2004.

After colleagues started asking where the advisory firm was getting their marketing collateral, Dawson’s creative agency started to snowball into working with financial advisors, broker-dealers, and alternative investment groups.

In 2011 Dawson began working primarily with Reg D (506b and 506c) private placements helping them build their brand, create compelling marketing materials, video content, and investor relations communications. Raising north of $60mm in the first couple of years, Dawson quickly realized the need for story telling and creative visuals for successful capital raises.

Fast forward 10 years later and Dawson has helped over 50+ issuers tell their story. Capital Raise Agency is now focused on Reg CF, Reg A, and Reg A+ capital raises that allow new marketing techniques and new audiences to be reached.

Capital Raise Agency has now grown into a team of marketers and creatives that help build out new capital raises from scratch or come alongside already successful issuers to provide marketing and creative expertise.

Capital Raise Agency is based in Austin, Texas.

When Dawson isn’t helping issuers build their brand, create amazing content, or generate investor leads he is playing soccer with his 5 year old son Shepherd, chasing his 3 year old Judah, or finding a new sushi restaurant to enjoy with his wife Neva.

Just some of the amazing issuers and brands we've worked with.

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