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Why Every Alternative Investment Sponsor Needs New Videos in 2021

In the year that has been 2020, many industries have taken the chance to pivot and seize opportunities as spending habits trend toward digital platforms. Whether videos have been an integral part of your marketing plan or not, the growing digital market will demand it in 2021. This is because people are more connected through digital platforms than ever before, including Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and Zoom. Each platform has advertising options, budgeting plans, and demographic targeting tools to optimize your coveted marketing dollars. It’s time to jump on the train before videos lose their steam with a saturated market.

Video Marketing as Your Investment 

With the ability to tap into digital demographics, video marketing is more than just a trend, it is an investment in your company’s future. An interesting article on SproutSocial, with a list of Facebook statistics regarding marketing, illustrates several reasons for video marketing, including:


  • “74% of high-income earners are Facebook users.”
  • “1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily.”
  • “…average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72. “
  • “Facebook Ad impressions increased 37% in 2019.”
  • “(Mobile-friendly) video generates higher engagement.”

Furthermore, video is more comfortable for consumers to digest and can potentially generate a massive return on investment for the advertiser. Existing video footage can frequently be supplemented with new footage or used for new photo stock, so overall, your investment in video marketing is a good investment. Using existing footage also has its benefits, especially when ‘on the fence’ consumers recognize it in what looks like a new video. The best aspect of video marketing is when videos are set up in the platform with preset options, the social platform’s magic takes over, and your work is done.

Extending Your Marketing Budget

As the world turns to alternative investments to build portfolios for the future, there is no other time like now to step out into the world of Alternative Investment Fund Video Marketing and the power of social media. Extending your marketing budget is easy with current social media options, and you’ll naturally extend your reach to new customers.

With all of this said, you will need to have a relevant website and a variety of videos to have an overall successful marketing plan. Beat the upcoming boom in the industry of Alternative Investment Videos and Reg D Video Marketing. Not sure where to start? Contact Russell Creative Group. Your visual marketing professional is happy to help!


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